January 4, 2013
The Tumblr Song (Set to the Tune of “Ho Hey”)


Ho Hey

Ho Hey

(Ho) I’ve been trying to blog all night (Hey),

Just living the Tumblr Life,

(Ho) I’ve been lying here in bed (Hey),

The dash running through my head.

(Ho) Lying here in bed (Hey).


(Ho) So you showed me Doctor Who (Hey),

All the tears that I’d go through,

(Ho) Where does Ten belong (Hey),

With Rose or River Song?

(Ho) My mind races on (Hey).

(2,3) Rory runs with Amy,

The Doctor pairs with Rose,

In my O.T.P.

Rory runs with Amy,

The Doctor pairs with Rose,

In my O.T.

Ho Hey (Come on now, hey)

Ho Hey

(Ho) Sorry but Gin ain’t right for him (hey),

Look at what might have been if you’d,

(Ho) Let the Harmony ship set sail (Hey),

I’d be standin in heaven,

(Ho) My Headcannon (Hey),

(Ho) They’re happily married (Hey).

(2,3) Harmony lives on,

Ginny goes away,

It’s my O.T.P.

Harmony lives on,

Ginny goes away,

It’s my O.T.P.

Sherlock we need it now,

BBC lets get some,

My heart is bleeding now!

Tens Regeneration,

And Sherlock’s fall,

BBC’s killing me.

Tens Regeneration,

And Sherlock’s Fall,

I just can’t

Ho Hey

Ho (Last one) Hey

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August 4, 2012
Headcanon #1:


It is a known fact that over the centuries, more and more witches and wizards from prominent wizarding families began marrying Muggles, adapting to Muggle culture and assuming Muggle identities. Subsequently, much of their magic was diluted with each new generation, and it was only a matter of time before the descendents had all but forgotten about their families’ impossible origins. And yet, although unbeknownst to them, they still shared many things in common with their now-distant magical relatives — from facial features and personality quirks, to, although very rarely, fates that paralleled and intersected each other without either individual ever realizing.

We’ve all heard of the Battle of Hogwarts where, on May 2, 1998, Harry Potter sacrificed his own life to spare countless others, only to come back to life in an incredible demonstration of Old Magic. But we can never forget those who lost their lives, never to return to the land of the living. One such brave soul was a fifth year Ravenclaw girl, killed in the line of battle by standing between Fenrir Greyback and a group of first years.

Physically, not much separated her from the rest of her peers — her straight brown hair was always neatly tied back with a ribbon, her blunt bangs often obscured a prominent forehead, and her frail body was usually weighed down by books of all sizes and subjects. At a glance, hers was a face that almost inevitably melded back into the crowd. However, the same could be said for her cousin…were it not for his scar.

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July 31, 2012

God Save our Queen. Happy Birthday to the woman who started it all.

July 7, 2012
Chapter 2: Snake Talk

“Lily Dear,” McGonagall said when the room had quieted down from the ruckus that the first chapter had brought. “This does seem to concern you and your son-”

            “HEY WHAT ABOUT ME” James roared, “I died too in case you didn’t hear!”

            “You Mr. Potter shall sit in that seat and let me continue!” Professor McGonagall snarled. “Now as I was saying Lily Dear, perhaps you might consent to read the next chapter? Now, if you all promise to behave…” with a wave of her wand, McGonagall had everyone off the walls duct-tape free; their skin tones and newfound hair colors though remained unchanged. Her hands shaking slightly with fear about what was to come, Lily took the book from Marlene and opened it to the second chapter. Leaning over her shoulder the emerald haired Sirius let out a barking laugh.

            “Look at that picture!” He roared with laughter. “The kid looks like a pig! That must be your half of the family at work Prongs!”

            Leaning over Lily’s other shoulder and brushing his untidy turquoise hair from his eyes James replied “Yeah, sure, that’s my kid and McGonagall over there is going to go study divination.” Everyone, with the notable exception of Minerva McGonagall, let out a large roar of laughter.

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July 7, 2012

shehasnoproblemwithsecrets said: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! are you going to do this for every single chapter?

Yep. We started this a few years ago and we did most of the chapters already. I’ll post another one. The problem is locating those original 16 chapters or so. I’ll be posting them as I find them in my harddrive. I’ll post the second chapter this afternoon! :)

July 7, 2012
Chapter 1: Teacher Tyranny

When Marlene opened the book to the first chapter, she smiled. “How cute! Look at the picture.” She turned to book to show everyone. Most of the women gave the same reaction as Marlene or some similar version as they saw the picture of a baby swaddled in blankets. The men rolled their eyes impatiently at such a display (except Dumbledore, who simply smiled) and McGonagall sniffed in disapproval though the corners of her mouth twitched.

“Alright, that’s enough of that. Read!” growled Moody.

Marlene huffed but got on with it. “The first chapter is called The Boy Who Lived. Any ideas?”

“It sounds either really stupid or really important,” was the insightful and deep comment from Sirius.

“Wow, Padfoot that was just special. Especially coming from someone with green hair,” James said, the sarcasm dripping heavily from his mouth. McGonagall fixed both of them with a stern glare and they immediately fell silent to the amusement of all present. Marlene began to read.

The Boy Who Lived

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

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July 7, 2012
The Order Reads: Prologue

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black entered the building followed closely by James and Lily Potter. They had all graduated from Hogwarts a scant two months ago (two weeks later James and Lily had joined the countless couples who married early due to the heavy atmosphere that had settled upon the wizarding world). They were here for their third meeting with the Order of the Phoenix and found, upon entering the meeting room, that they were almost the last to arrive. Only Dumbledore and Peter Pettigrew were missing (Dumbledore was always last and Peter was home with his mother, who had developed some sort of bad rash and was insisting on being treated like a convalescent even thought the healers had said it was nothing to be worried about.

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